Red Rice

Red rice is a variety of rice that is colored red by its anthocyanin content. It is usually eaten unhulled or partially hulled, and has a red husk, rather than the more common brown. Red rice has a nutty flavor. Compared to polished rice, it has the higher nutritional...
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Flax seeds

Flax Seeds - the shiny, nutty seeds have an earthy aroma and a host of health benefiting properties. Experts seem to agree that if you need some help with hair fall and want to grow your hair, there is nothing like a regular dose of flax seeds.
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Horse Gram

Horse Gram grows as an annual plant with an attractive appearance. The large seeds can be round or slightly flattened in shape. They turn nearly black when dried.
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Bengal Gram

Bengal gram, closely related to the chickpea family, is a yellow lentil, rounded on one side and flat on the other. Bengal gram is one of the earliest cultivated legumes.
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Madike kalu

Sprouted lentils or bean sprouts are called Madaki or matki kaalu. It is also called usali or usal. The process of sprouting takes about 2-3 days.
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Ground nuts

groundnut or Peanut (Arachis hypogaea), is a species in the legume or "bean" family. ground nuts are known by many other local names such as earthnuts, goober peas, monkey nuts.
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