Horse Gram

Horse Gram


Horse Gram grows as an annual plant with an attractive appearance. The large seeds can be round or slightly flattened in shape. They turn nearly black when dried.


In Karnataka cuisine, ಹುರಳಿಸಾರು (hurali saaru), ಹುರಳಿ (hurali) is a main ingredient. Hurali is also used in preparations such as usali, chutney, basaaru, and upsaaru or upnesaru (particularly in the Old Mysore Regions Mandya and Chamrajnagara Districts).

Health Benefits of Horse Gram:

  • It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating numerous health disorders including rheumatism, worm, conjunctivitis and piles.
  • They have astringent and diuretic properties.
  • The beams are beneficial for extracting phlegm.
  • They are believed to be helpful for keeping the body warm during winter.
  • Controlling fever is another health benefit of Horse Gram.
  • The phenol content of the seeds helps to reduce excessive weight.
  • They also help to lower cholesterol levels.
  • According to some studies, the lipid extracts of Horse Gram are beneficial for treating peptic ulcer.
  • It is also beneficial for reducing flatulence.
  • These legumes help to control various menstrual problems.
  • In India, Horse Gram is believed to be beneficial for treating kidney stones.