Davanagere & Chitradurga Districts Regional Co op Organic Farmers Associations Federation Ltd., registered in October-2015, under Cooperative Act, is a federation of 35 Organic sanghas, promoted by the GOK . It has been formed to help the farmers with the Organic Farming, processing and marketing.

The primary objectives of the Federation are:
  1. Procuring, Processing & value addition of millets grown organically. Procuring paddy, processing and retailing of sonamasuri rice.
  2.  Vegetables Procuring, grading, packing and retailing
  3.  Establishment of Fruit procuring unit, ripening, grading & retailing of fruits.
  4. Processing of pulses, packing and retailing.
  5.  Opening of outlets for marketing of the agricultural produce grown organically through is farmers.
  6. Motivating the small and marginal farmers to take of organic cultivation of crops with less input, even in small area, with assurance of marketing and better support price, thereby improving the living standards of the farmers.
  7. Availability of better quality organically grown food grains, vegetables, fruits (agricultural produces) in the nearby vicinity of the consumers at trustable & reasonably low price.
  8. Creating awareness among farming community to grow more of organic crops with locally available resources/inputs.

The other objectives of the Federation shall be:
  1. Training for members in market oriented production
  2. Organize workshops
  3. Provide publicity for marketing
  4. Crop cluster development
  5. Market linkage

The Federation under consideration covers Davanagere and Chitradurga districts. There are 35 farmers associations under this with 2,873 farmers covering an area of about 8,505 acres.

The project is technically feasible, economically & financially viable, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly and worth undertaking.

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